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500g Multi Shot Repeaters Page 3

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Hawaiin Dream


Color Cascade


PRO #1


PRO #2

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Price: $29.99 *
Price: $29.99 *
Live the good life with this impressive cake from Winda. Tiger tail comets lead up to massive palm breaks. An awesome effect that should be added to every show!
Color mines with strobe lead to breaks of strobe with ruby, emerald, blue and orange dahlias before hanging red, green, and yellow falling leaves. A stimulating visual effect!
16 Shot - Dahlias and peonies - Sea blue w/red purple green peach and lemon and green strobe. Ending w/4 shots of multi-colored peonies.
9 shot Vivid red effects . These 2 inch shots also include colored waves, glitters, and peonies. Check out the high gloss label that is sure to stand out on any shelf!

PRO #3


PRO #4


Rules Of Game


Sky Fall

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Price: $29.99 *
Price: $29.99 *
Price: $34.99
Price: $34.99 *
8 Shot cake brocades with red green blue, the last two shots rising up together
8 Shot - silver time rain with color peonies, the last two shots rising up together
Intense curtain of gold with 50 ft brocade mines and brocade crown shells to fill the sky above.
Red, green, yellow and blue falling leaves fan out in front of a big shot of white strobe. Beautiful piece

Cray Cray!




Hearts N Daggers


Raging Radical

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Color tails to deep ruby, emerald, orange and purple dahlias with super white strobes! Finale of grand brocade crown to time rain chrys with color dahlias!
Big breaks burst with brocade crown, purple coconut, green glitter, multicolor dahlia, silver glitter, and green & blue to peach. Very colorful breaks. Check it out!
This 9 shot cake combines 9 big loud shots of white, green, and red strobing effects that fill the sky! Another bright star piece that will not disapoint! Nice item for this year
500g Cake Red/green palm trees and red/green timerain willow shoot at V and W angles alternatively. Grand finale of color timerain willows! At our fireworks store tannersville pa

Guilty Pleasure


Cosmic Thunder





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Price: $29.99 *
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It's color, color and more color! Gigantic bursts of sky blue and red w chrys; Gigantic bursts of purple and green with chrys; Gigantic bursts
You're gonna shake the skies with these powerful bursts! Gigantic bursts of spectacular red and lemon dahlia; Gigantic bursts of dazzling grass green
50s duration 25 shot cake begins with multi color tails to awesome breaks of brocade crown with strobing pistils. It finishes with a 3 shot finale!
30 shots, it spreads the sky with its v-shaped firing pattern. Twin tails erupt to make way for multi-color dahlias with long lasting strobes.

Country Thunder




Speed Racer


Lace Impulse

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Price: $34.99 *
Price: $35.99 *
Price: $39.99 *
Price: $39.99 *
Beautiful strobe bouquets and crackling mines are topped off with multi-color peonies and palms with glitter. The final row looks amazing with blue stars and crackling willow.
Unique V-shaped crown mines that set off 3 shots of brilliant dahlias with time rain. Very popular multi-level 500G cake! 45 Shots - 18 Seconds - This is a very unique cake!
Peonies with multi-color glitter pistils and big brocade crown with green glitter pistil top off shots of silver fish mines. If you like loud this is it. A hard-hitting cake from Winda.
Green and red pearls to burst of green, red, blue, and lemon stars. Burst end in a graceful lace effect. Shoot this sexy B*** i know you want to. 25 nice shots

Make America Great Again




Sky Patriot


Mt Rushmore

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Price: $39.99 *
Price: $42.99 *
Price: $34.99 *
Price: $34.99 *
All panoramic shooting of red blue dahlias w/ brocade to timerain chrysanthemum! A perfect R/W/B cake for the 4th
Brocade crowns, color strobes, flying bees, gold tiger tails, falling leaves and an incredibly huge finale of brocade crowns!
Intense curtain of gold with 50 ft brocade mines and brocade crown shells to fill the sky above.
Enjoy the expansive breaks from these majestic 9-shot cakes. Big, loud breaks with assorted effects.

Bacon Blaster


Havana Nights


Backyard King



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Price: $39.99 *
Price: $34.99 *
Price: $24.99 *
Price: $119.99 *
This cake blasts the sky with shells of bright multicolor pistil, ends in a finale of sky filling loud and long lasting willow. Sky bacon firework
Booming shots of brocade are accentuated with vibrant color tips! Includes a false finale, and a double barrage finale. Duration: 55 sec!
Your neighbors cannot compete with the bright comets and colorful, loud breaks from Backyard King.This piece is absolutely sick!
This monster terrorizes with zigzagging color pearls to whistling, crackling, and ends with walls of brocade and crackle!

Viva Mexico


Cerdo Loco


The Hog Father


Americas Colors

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Price: $19.99 *
Price: $29.99 *
$34.99 *
$29.99 *
Brocade crown with red and green glitter. Ends with a fan finale. Amazing for the price! Viva Mexico!
This cake features crazy-big shots of strobe with color dahlia, falling leaves, brocade and more!
Features 30 shots of bright color peonies to chrysanthemum crackling. Massive shots from sky bacon fireworks
Each break in this cake is a red, white, and blue spectacular! Celebrate America! Another Sky Bacon Cake

*Pricing, availability, promotions and advertised prices are subject to change without any prior notice. Promotional items may require additional purchases. While supplies last!


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